Make work more meaningful.


Organizations thrive when their employees have meaningful work and a clear sense of career opportunities. We help companies improve engagement and retention by enabling employees to find deeper meaning in their current work and greater clarity around their future career options.

What factors drive employee engagement and retention for your company? We offer complimentary engagement assessments to help you know where to focus.


We provide workshops on career development for both employees and managers, and we provide training on management and coaching skills for new managers.


One-on-one coaching can be extremely effective for both leadership development and career guidance. We offer coaching for employees and managers at all levels.


Improving and engagement and retention by fostering meaningful work looks different at each company. We will work with you to address your unique engagement needs.



Next-Generation Career Development Workshops

Lack of career development is the #1 reason why employees leave a company. Outdated approaches to career planning are no longer enough for today's multi-generational workforce.

Our workshops provide employees and managers with the career resources they need, with a strong focus on meaningful work.

Praise from participants in our career development workshops:

"The topics covered along with the overall flow of the presentation was great. I walked out of the session feeling more in tune with what I'd like to do with my career."

"Nick is very approachable and creates a safe collaborative environment. He did a great job laying the foundation for working on career development plans."

"The questions during the different exercises gave me a lot to think about. It was general enough to be accessible to everyone while still allowing me to focus on my own career."

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