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Higher purpose.

Lower turnover.

Deeper Engagement.


When employees are engaged, companies prosper. At Deeper Engagement, we help companies increase productivity and reduce turnover by improving employee engagement.


Research shows that turnover is driven in large part by a desire for more purpose and meaning in work, so we work with companies to foster more meaningful engagement through strategic consulting, coaching, and training. We focus on making improvements in 3 key areas:

COMMUNICATION: Ensure clarity of company purpose, values, vision, strategy and goals.

COACHING: Equip managers to own engagement, development and retention.

CAREER: Empower employees to own their career path, in alignment with business needs.



Start by getting deeper insights into where you are. We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive assessment approach that fits your needs, then use the data we gather to identify your most powerful opportunities.


We'll help you  determine how you can take your culture to the next level. Every team is different, so we'll partner with you to develop a fully customized approach drawing on a variety of proven and creative methodologies.


Choose from our standard offerings or work with us to create a custom solution tailored to your company. Our unique approach focuses on helping people to explore their own purpose and values, then align them with others'.

What We Do



According to Gallup, 83% of  people believe meaning and purpose are important, and yet only four out of 10 employees worldwide feel a strong connection with their company's  mission or purpose.  We will help your employees and leaders  to clarify their own purpose and values, which has been demonstrated to increase organizational commitment.


Research has shown that employees who feel a sense of community at work report higher organizational commitment, job involvement and work satisfaction,  and they are less likely to quit. We will help you  capture these benefits by empowering  teams to collaboratively discover and share what matters most to them.


It's not enough just to have values -- even Enron had values. What matters is living by them and ensuring congruence between the values of the organization and its members. We will help you improve values alignment in your organization, which has been found to increase job satisfaction and employee commitment.

Why It Matters


Nick Duggan is founder and principal of Deeper Engagement. With more than 15 years’ experience developing people and organizations, Nick is passionate about driving stronger business outcomes by making work more meaningful.


Before launching Deeper Engagement, Nick served for 6 years as head of internal communications for GetGo, a division of international software firm Citrix that housed the company’s GoToMeeting offerings. As a member of the division’s senior management team, Nick led the organization’s global employee and executive communications efforts. While at GetGo, Nick was responsible for a number of successful programs dedicated to increasing employee engagement and alignment with the company's strategy and vision.


Nick previously founded QuestSpace Coaching, where he innovated a “soul-centered” coaching model that incorporated guided visioning and other unique methods to help dozens of clients access their intuition, clarify their purpose and values, and apply their insights to life and business challenges. He began his career in the healthcare industry, where he developed a strong track record of improving engagement for employees and other stakeholders at companies including including DaVita, the American Heart Association, Prometheus Laboratories, and The Zitter Group (now Zitter Health Insights).

Nick lives in Santa Barbara, California. He holds a master's degree in Organizational Psychology from William James College and a bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Who We Are


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