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Leading Deeper


Prepare your leaders for the         future of work.


​The world has changed. Your company needs a more meaningful approach to leadership development that meets the moment. Our innovative Leading Deeper program equips leaders for the challenges of tomorrow by empowering them to lead with deeper meaning and impact.

Your leaders are contending with          challenges:


  • How to connect and engage dispersed teams across an increasingly hybrid and distributed workforce

  • How to get results with fewer resources by simplifying processes and focusing on what matters most

  • How to deal with AI and other new technologies in ethical, people-centered ways that minimize bias

  • How to foster diversity, equity, and belonging in the face of public pushback against DEI efforts

  • How to prevent burnout in an era when overstressed employees re-thinking the place of work in their lives

  • How to rebuild trust after layoffs or other significant organizational changes

  • How to lead in authentic, inclusive ways that drive engagement, performance, retention, and growth

Only 29% of employees believe their leaders are leading with authenticity, empathy, and adaptability.

Leaders need to learn to lead in        ways:


  • Demonstrate genuine empathy and create psychological safety so that all employees are able to contribute fully

  • Forge stronger relationships among team members, whether they’re in office, remote, hybrid, or spread across locations


  • Drive alignment and productivity by communicating a compelling vision

  • Adapt quickly to change and lead employees through significant and ongoing transitions with integrity and compassion

  • Make thoughtful, principled decisions in emerging areas of concern that affect  employees, customers and stakeholders

  • Reinforce equity, inclusion, and belonging by understanding the importance of diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences

  • Foster an environment of wellbeing and understand employees' mental health needs

  • Hold meaningful career conversations that drive increased engagement and retention

  • Spark innovation and creativity by tapping into imagination, intuition, and play

  • Communicate with clarity and presence in ways that generate trust and motivation

  • Build closer partnerships with colleagues and senior leaders across the organization

The future of leadership isn’t about getting more done.


It’s about going            .

The Leading Deeper leadership development program is designed to develop the core capabilities of meaningful leadership that go to the very heart of the new future of work. It consists of four unique 3.5-hour training modules that can be offered together or separately, along with optional post-program coaching, providing maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

01 Leading Deeper


Effective authentic leadership relies on the cultivation of self-awareness. 

This requires developing a stronger foundation, a deeper sense of self, and practical tools for addressing challenges and building on strengths.


In this session, leaders reflect deeply on who they are, what they value, how they are perceived, and how they want to evolve as leaders.


02 Leading Deeper

Meaningful, inclusive relationships that strengthen engagement and belonging are crucial to employee wellbeing and organizational health, especially in remote or hybrid work environments that are now common. 

In this session, leaders explore how authenticity, identity, vulnerability, safety, and sharing stories can bring people and teams closer together.

03 Leading Deeper


Adaptability and innovation require intuition and creativity. Research also shows that leaders who develop these abilities are more effective at strategic decision-making, especially in times of uncertainty and change.

In this session, leaders challenge themselves to expand their thinking through reflection practices, intuitive exploration, and creative play.

04 Leading Deeper


Co-created, vision-driven change is one of the most effective ways to enable teams to fulfill their purpose.  Many leaders value collaboration, but don't do enough to include employees in actually shaping strategic change. 

In this session, leaders examine how intentional mindsets, participative leadership, and collective visioning  can generate transformative results.


Leading Deeper



Meaningful leadership for the future of work.

Flexible Delivery and Pricing

Full Program

Offer all 4 modules as a  two-day offsite or a series of half-day sessions over time

in-person or hybrid

starting at



Choose one or more modules to offer, in any order you prefer

in-person, remote, or hybrid

starting at


per module

Program Add-In

Integrate one or more modules into a broader program you are planning

in-person, remote, or hybrid

starting at


per module

Standalone Workshop

Provide an introduction to meaningful leadership with an initial 90 min. session

in-person or remote

starting at



special introductory price

Do you need an authentic, human-centered leadership program with                     impact?


Hi, I'm Nick.

I've been developing leaders and teams for over 20 years. Now I'm bringing together my business experience as a senior People & Culture leader with my insights from years of coaching individual leaders to offer a unique leadership development program for the future of work.​



I'm passionate about meaningful leadership.

My interest in deeper meaning started early in my career with a pair of books. The first was a business book that highlighted the importance of purpose, values, and vision in building successful companies. The other was a self-help book that examined how meaning is core to individual fulfillment and success. 


I was struck by a deep question: Why is it that meaning seems to be so central to both organizational and personal success? 


I’ve traveled many paths in seeking answers to this question. My approach now integrates everything from leadership development and executive coaching, to employee engagement and organizational psychology, to business strategy and change leadership, to personal development and workplace spirituality.


Leading Deeper brings together everything I’ve learned about the power of meaning and leadership, backed by research and experience. I'm thrilled to share this program that is specifically designed for people-focused, purpose-driven organizations to grow their leaders while navigating a changing world.

Meaningful Impact: The ROI of Leading Deeper

 More Effective Leaders

Increased self-awareness

Stronger relationship-building

Improved decision-making

Better at leading change

 More Innovative Organizations

Expanded leadership bench

Deeper cross-functional connections

Increased adaptability and agility

Greater sustainability and lower risk

 More Engaged Employees

Stronger hybrid/remote relationships

Greater sense of belonging

Less burnout, more wellbeing

Higher performance and retention

 More Strategic Support

Cost-effective L&D investment

Quality research-backed content

Tailored to your unique needs

Measurable, demonstrable impact

What's included in the program?

  • Engaging learning experiences designed with adult learning principles in mind and adapted to the leadership level of participants

  • Expert live facilitation by Nick Duggan, experienced leadership coach and People & Culture leader


  • Optional 360 assessments for all participants

  • Interactive activities designed to be appropriate and compelling for a leadership audience

  • Comprehensive digital workbooks and additional resource materials to support participants' learning

  • Pull-through and followup activities to continue and reinforce learning while on the job

  • Customization and tailoring session to ensure the content resonates with your leaders and supports your leadership development strategy

  • Measurement report demonstrating positive learning impact for you to share with key stakeholders and use to gain ongoing support for continued program investment

  • Optional discovery calls with key stakeholders to tailor the program to your needs and ensure enthusiastic executive sponsorship and support

  • Optional executive co-facilitation of specific program segments, to reinforce leadership investment and customization of content to your company’s unique culture and strategy

New Leaders

Emerging Leaders

High-Potential Leaders

Senior ERG Leaders

Leadership Teams

Leadership Offsites

Executive Retreats

Keynote Presentations

It is IDEAL for:

Mid- to senior-level leaders who are already experienced people managers

Leaders who embrace the value of authenticity, empathy, and impact

Companies that believe people and purpose are what lead to success

Organizations with great cultures that want to invest in their leaders' growth

Teams that are committed to inclusion as a core element of good leadership

Program sponsors who value quality, collaboration, innovation and flexibility

It is NOT ideal for:

Inexperienced leaders needing more focus on management fundamentals

Leaders focused solely on results who don't value the human side of business

Companies that prioritize profits over  people and purpose

Organizations with unhealthy cultures in need of fundamental changes

Teams that are opposed to investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Program sponsors looking only for the cheapest option, regardless of value

Who is Leading Deeper for?

  • How much does the Leading Deeper program cost?
    The starting price for Leading Deeper is $30K for a full program of all four modules, or $7500 per module if purchased separately. Final pricing depends on specifics such as the number of participants, whether or not travel is required, and how much customization is requested. Volume discounts for larger projects are also available. We also offer an affordable 1.5-hour initial workshop, Foundations of Meaningful Leadership, currently available at the special introductory price of $2500. Restrictions may apply, such as limitations on the number of participants, and in-person sessions also require reimbursement of facilitator travel expenses.
  • Who facilitates the program?
    All Leading Deeper programs are facilitated by Nick Duggan, experienced leadership development expert and founder of Deeper Work. Learn more about Nick's background and qualifications. Depending on the number of participants, some programs may require additional co-facilitators. These will be drawn (with your input) from our network of highly-qualified coaches, trainers, and business leaders.
  • How much flexibility is there in how the program is delivered?
    We designed Leading Deeper to be flexible enough to fit your needs. The four modules can be offered all together as a comprehensive program, or provided separately depending on your needs. We also offer multiple delivery options: in-person, virtual, or hybrid. If you'd like to learn more about how Leading Deeper can be tailored to meet your unique needs, let's chat!
  • How do you measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of the program?
    Every program includes pre- and post-tests to be completed by all participants, in order to show learning and leadership capability improvement. Program evaluations also collect participant feedback and effectiveness ratings. We will provide you with a clear, compelling summary of the program impact and feedback to share with your stakeholders and sponsors. If desired, we will repeat this measurement after 3 months to measure ongoing effectiveness. We will rely on you ensure that enough participants complete the evaluation to provide accurate results.
  • How do you reinforce and pull through the learning following the program?
    All programs include a schedule of recommended follow-up activities and self-service communication templates that you can use to continue your leaders’ learning. If you prefer, we can also partner with you to tailor a more fully supported pull-through program. This can include a combination of hosted check-in meetings, customized application activities, and individual or group coaching, along with our team handling activity tracking and project management for you.
  • Can you tailor the program to my company’s specific needs?
    Absolutely. Every program includes a tailoring and customization session so that we can learn more about your goals, your strategy, and your company culture. Wherever appropriate, we will incorporate your organization’s unique company values and leadership competencies into the program content. We can also offer additional tailoring in the form of discovery calls with your key stakeholders, to gather input and ensure their questions and feedback are addressed and incorporated into the program.
  • Can I integrate this program with my other leadership development efforts?
    Yes! The program is designed to be modular, so that you can integrate one or more sessions into a broader program. For example, for a two-day leadership team offsite, you may choose to combine a quarterly business review, an internally-facilitated teambuilding activity, a working strategy session, and one of the four half-day Leading Deeper modules. We will also partner with you to integrate Leading Deeper offerings with your overall leadership development strategy. The program is intended to be adaptable to wherever you will get the most value, whether you decide to offer it to all new leaders, or use it as a stretch program for high-potential leaders, or to support a specific leadership team offsite, or another unique use case.
  • Where can I get more information?
    The best way to learn more about Leading Deeper and how we can tailor a program that fits your unique needs is to set up a complimentary discovery call. You'll meet with Deeper Work founder Nick Duggan to discuss your needs, answer any questions about the program, and explore how we might be able to support your leadership development strategy. If you're not ready to set up a discovery call just yet, you can also email any questions to Nick at

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