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Individual Coaching

for people-focused leaders

Grow your career and increase your leadership impact by deepening your capacity to lead with meaning, authenticity, inclusion, and soul.

People-focused leaders, especially those in employee-facing functions, are increasingly facing a dilemma. We love our work because we care deeply about people, but we often aren’t as good about developing and taking care of ourselves. The past few years of overlapping crises have challenged and drained us, and it is more critical now than ever to make sure we are prioritizing development and wellbeing for ourselves and our colleagues. At the same time, we still need to grow our teams, deliver on our commitments, drive engagement and retention, and prepare our organizations for the future of work, all while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.


At Deeper Work, we combine practical business experience with a deep sense of empathy and accountability to provide leadership and career coaching tailored specifically to the needs of people-focused leaders.

Why work with us?


Depth + Accountability

Our unique coaching approach will help you reconnect with what you find most meaningful, while also partnering with you on practical action steps to advance your career as a authentic and impactful leader.


Relevant Experience

We bring our own extensive experience in senior leadership roles to all of our coaching relationships, so we can better understand and coach you on the issues and challenges that matter most to you.


Dedicated Focus

Coaching is an investment in you. One-on-one coaching provides an opportunity to develop yourself through confidential conversations with a trusted partner who has YOUR best interests in mind. 

“As a thought partner, I can always count on Nick to challenge me, offer a unique perspective, and elevate the quality of whatever we're working on. I admire him for his intellect and creativity, paired with high business acumen + a solid dose of pragmatism.”

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