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Learn and Grow Together

with a small group of fellow leaders in similar roles

Small group coaching with peers at similar levels of experience is one of the best methods for enabling significant personal and professional growth.

Group coaching combines the interactive collaboration of a leadership training program with the insight and accountability of a dedicated leadership coach. It's a great opportunity for leaders to learn and grow in partnership with colleagues with similar roles, goals, and challenges. Group coaching programs include a mix of topical discussions on "hot button" issues common to all group members, as well as more open conversations about what each group member is working on. Participants receive valuable support not only from the coach leading the program, but also from their peers and colleagues who can share their own experiences and learnings.

At Deeper Work, we combine our own extensive leadership experience with our skills in coaching, training, and facilitation to provide a unique and cost-effective cooperative development experience.

Why choose group coaching?


Shared Learning

In group coaching, you get the best of both worlds—support from a professional leadership + career coach as well as the opportunity to connect, share, and learn from others in roles and levels similar to your own.


Flexible + Tailored

We can work with you to create customized group coaching programs to meet your unique needs. We can focus on a certain population of leaders or managers, or on specific topics that are priorities for you.


Cost Effective

Small group coaching offers a way to experience the benefits of professional coaching at a lower cost than one-on-one coaching. You get the same high quality experience at an affordable per-person price.

Two options for group coaching:

If you have at least 4 participants from within your company, we can offer an internal group for only your own employees. This is best when you want participants to be able to share confidential information with a coach who is under an NDA.

If you want to have your employees learn with peers at other companies, or if you're interested in group coaching as an individual, we also offer open groups that include people from different companies. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to learn more?

The best way to determine if Deeper Work coaching is the right fit for you or your team is to schedule an initial discovery call.

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch shortly.

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